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OEM Capacity-----OEM / ODM offset printing on paper, OEM / ODM UV printing on plastics and foils, packaging post-process production services.

Year of Experience: 25 Years

Other Service Support: .Design Services Offered.

We provide 1: Tailor-designed at customer's requests, 2: OEM / ODM printing services.

(1) Plastics: PVC, PET, PP, PC, PS, Mylar (2) Stickers: Static sticker, Tattoo Sticker (3) Foil Paper: Gold. Silver, Laser Pattern (4)Art Paper

Since the capacity can’t keep up with the business expand, we established another company Xiamen Raydeng paper craft&Art in January of 2007,which located in Xiangan Xiamen, the factory covers an area of 14,000 square meters.? The two companiesproduce kinds of paper crafts(from design to product package for shipping). Our market is the main countries of Asia, North America, Middle East, Europe, Australia and so on. We are specializing in food gift box, wine gift box, frame, photo album, notebook, stationery sets, gift box,etc. In recent years, In order to meet more customers’ requirements, we also supply the productswhich with the components of cloth,leather,wood, resin etc. The factory has a lot of specialized manufacturing machines, over 60 producing lines, The total number of professional staffs and operating workers is more than 800, over 30 professional workers for quality control, meanwhile, many high-quality administrative staffs and salesman supply high quality service for you.

With “ reputation is fundamental, customer is first” it is an aim, and with the value of“high-quality products with specializedskills”, we have served for KODAK, DISNEY, ENESCO, REMY MARTIN, WALKMARK, IKEA etc. for many years. We are  looking forward to having the chance to service for you.

We welcome global enquiries and we can export our printed products overseas.

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